About Us

When it comes to having a conventional look for the interiors, there is no better choice than opting for the ever dependable, ever in fashion, the ever convenient wood. Especially if you are keen to have some artistry and fine workmanship done on your furniture items to add that exclusive touch of class and elegance to your interiors, finding a Furniture Manufacturer in Goa, would be the most appropriate choice for you.
Though wood does suffer from some disadvantages like its susceptibility to termites and water or even moisture present in the atmosphere, but other than that, it mostly offers benefits like longevity of life, non-abrasiveness quality and ease of restoration is concerned. The other benefit of using wood is that since it is a bad conductor of heat, it neither gets cold during winters, nor does it heat up during the balmy days of summers. So if you have plans to redo your interiors in the near future, or a new office or residential space to get furnished in the days coming by, why don’t you consider going with wood for your interiors this time. You will absolutely love the amazing patterns of wooden textures flowing like symphony to give you interiors that will make your guests go ‘VOW’.
For finding the best Furniture Manufacturers in Goa, you always have the safest option of going to some of the most renowned furniture markets in Goa.
But before you head to a furniture market for ordering, you will need to decide if you want custom-designed furniture for your space or pre-designed furniture that you have had on your mind for a particular place. If your need is for designing the entire furniture for the available space, you will be better off going for a furniture designer who can undertake custom designing of your furniture at the location itself and custom fit everything according to the dimensions of the place.
A key advantages of hiring one of the top quality furniture manufacturers in Goa, would be the assurance that the furniture you are buying for yourself is as good as it is being promised, and it will give you the years of service that you are expecting it to deliver for a pretty good period of time.
Shree Ji Enterprises is a top designer and producer of top-of-the-shelf furniture for office and residential use in and around Goa. With a methodical job approach, ingenious product range, in-house design conception capabilities, superior quality products, speedy services and prompt after-sales support, Shree Ji Enterprises stands tall among the finest quality furniture manufacturers in Goa.

Company Objective

At Shree Ji Enterprises, the primary goal is…

• To create and design world-class furniture that adds an artistic appeal to the space it is designed for
• To reduce costs without affecting the product quality
• To add class with utility in all the products manufactured for customers

Company Mission

At Shree Ji Enterprises, the prime focus/aim/mission is always on…

• Employing the best materials & technologies with a zero tolerance policy
• Manufacturing of finest quality furniture/products at par with the best in the business
• Enhancing customers’ experience with best deliveries complemented with matching services

Company Vision

In line with its company objectives and mission, Shree Ji Enterprises also envisions a future that…

• Establishes the company among the top furniture manufacturers of India
• Creates a solid brand identity for company’s products in the market
• Makes its name synonymous with trust and deliverance of top quality products at most reasonable price